Throughout its history, has proven to be one of America’s most resilient cities—constantly weathering disasters, economic and natural, from its Pacific perch. In less than two centuries it has come to stand tall as one of the great cities of the American West. In recent years it has become the home of several biotechnology companies and research institutes in addition to remaining one of the capitals of aerospace and computing and is without a doubt a city looking toward the future (although a future quite different from the one imagined in 1962). It is certain that great things are to be expected in the 21st century from the emerald of the Pacific Northwest.

Easy Trips Vancouver Itinerary

If you are planning to cross the US border to go shopping in Seattle, you have come to the right place. We will bring you to the best stores and malls just across the border to help you to save a lot of money with best prices in North America.

Our principal stop will be in the very known Seattle Premium Outlets Tulalip which are located two hrs and half from South of Vancouver. The Seattle Premium Outlets have been open since May of 2005, in Washington State is the largest outlet shopping center with over 100 outlets stores, it is a one-stop place to shop.

07:00 Depart from Burrard Sky train Station (Vancouver Downtown)
08:00 BORDER!!!! Most of the time the wait is only 20 to 30 minutes but on weekends and holidays it can be up to 1.5 hours. Travel Tip: Please bring 6 us dollars for border processing fee & use the bathroom before arriving at the border crossing in case of long border waits.
10:00 Arrive at Seattle premium Outlets.  (may vary)
14:00 Depart Premium Seattle Outlets.
15:00 Stop at BEST BUY (the best place to buy electronics) (45 minutes).
16:15 Bellingham Mall (Victoria Secret, Hollister & Abercrombie & Fitch). Save a lot of money in your favorites brands!!!
18:30 Depart Bellis Mall, Next & Last stop DUTTY FREE!!! Is highly recommend to buy here perfumes, make up etc.
21:00 Return to Vancouver Downtown approx

Comfortable clothing for the day including a warm shirt or outer layer. Walking shoes recommended. During winter months we suggest layers including a warm under-layer and a rain or snow jacket.

Please visit http://www.translink.ca/ website for public transit Maps & Schedules.

We accept all major Credit Cards (Visa, Master card & Amex)

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